WE CREATE LIFESTYLE Exclusive selection of villas in Costal del Sol Together we will provide you with all necessary and relevant information so that you can find the property of your dreams in the Costa del Sol. Services


Maintenance services

Our goal is to offer you integral maintenance services that we personally adapt to your needs, providing you with constant updated information about your home situation.

We offer technical assistance, gardening, cleaning, repairs, etc.


We are available 24/7 for any incident and/or emergency.

Repairing your home

In case your property suffers any type accident, we will provide you with the best professionals available.

Our electricians, plumbers, carpenters will fix and repair your home to keep it free of incidents.


We work efficiently and  deal with your house insurance company.



We offer complete garden services that will take care of everything needed, tending, watering and pruning. We also offer irrigation system, maintenance, pest control, planting flowers and seasonal plants, etc.

Everything you need to have a beautiful garden to enjoy.


Technical assistance

In case that your property is empty, we will carry out periodic visits to examine the conservation of your house and check that everything works and there is no incident on the property.

In case of incidents, we will take care of making claims to insurance companies or other related entities.


Maintenance and cleaning

Are whole team our cleaning professionals will be at your disposal to avoid the wear and tear that the house suffers over time.

We offer home cleaning services, both interior and exterior, garden cleaning, facade painting, drainage channel cleaning, etc.

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