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Reforms and Aftersales


Whether you want to make small renovations to your house or bigger professional projects, at Monalisa Homes we will adapt to your needs and requirements. We will advise to make the most of the room you have.

Here are some of our integral reform services:


Professional advice

From real estate renovations, houses, kitchens, and building facades to reforms of commercial premises, urbanizations and demolitions, whether large or small, we have the best team of professional architects, technicians and builders who will advise you at their best.

Customized projects

Each project is unique, and has an exclusive and personal atmosphere. Our professional team will take care of measurements, work plan, and project evelopment, from the beginning including installation of plumbing, electricity until the last detail.


Tailored quotes

We will quote your project with no commitment for any type of renovation and will adapt it to your requirements and needs. We work with different suppliers.


Both the renovation and materials use during the construction have a guarantee. Please consult for more information.

Aftersale services

At Monalisa Homes we are aware that once a property is purchased there are different needs that must be solved in order to fully enjoy your new home and adapt to the new area and lifestyle.

We are at your disposal for any type of help you require.


Decoration and interior design

After so many years in the sector we have developed and known the best professionals in decoration, lighting, landscapers, etc. Our clients request our services because we have the best references of furniture stores, companies dedicated to the installation of houses intelligent, audiovisual systems, etc.


Whether you need to move nationally or internationally, we work with a wide range of moving companies. We will organize the whole process with the utmost confidence so that all your merchandise arrive intact to your new property.


Schools, hospitals, social and sports clubs

We will advise and provide you information on basic needs depending on the area in which you have your home. From public and private schools to specialized hospitals and clinics, social clubs, sports facilities, etc. Everything you need to feel protected and in good hands.

Tax advisors, accountants and other legal issues

We have a wide range of professionals who can help you with asset planning, property issues, inheritance, retirement, employment advice, etc.

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